Hats and Royal Wedding

Britain’s love of hats from the royal family to the populace has lasted for centuries, a tradition that will be revealed at Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s April 29 wedding.

Many gamblers are betting on Queen Elizabeth II’s hat color, the designer of the queen’s honeymoon hat.

Hicks, the hat designer who made hats for the Queen, her mother and Princess Diana, told the Associated Press: “We are British-the hat represents us.” Choosing the right hat is important for the person who wears it, but it is also important for the designer. “

Many accounts explain why Britain has become a country full of crazy hats compared to other European countries. The Crazy Hatter is a character in the movie “sleepwalking in Wonderland,” based on a number of hat┬ádesigners who have suffered from nerve damage as they inhale mercury for the treatment of animal fur.

Britain’s poor climate could cause this national obsession with hats, but experts say the royal family is causing the storm to continue.

Victoria and Albert Museum 2009 hat exhibition director Carlin said: “the hat has long been symbolic status.” Until the 1950s, unless a woman wore a hat and gloves, she was even considered inappropriately dressed. “the hat show went on display in Australia and will be shown in the United States in September.

Carlin says the tumult of the 1960s and the variety of hairstyles-and the limited space available for modern cars-have led to a gradual decline in global hat sales.

Many blame the accelerated destruction of the hat on John F. Kennedy, the first unhat-wearing American president. However. In Britain, the tradition of wearing a hat remains firm.

Royalty hats have long appeared in paintings or photographs-Queen Elizabeth’s mother has a crush on hats made by wavy feathers, and her daughter has grown to wear a similar style. The prime minister and MPs also wore hats and tuxedos and appeared at Oxford or Cambridge.

When the couple announced their engagement last November, some women began placing orders, the designers said. Designers recommend customizing traditional hats, focusing on their own costumes, regardless of the price and not stealing the bride or royal family.

Some designers, like Tracy’s, may be selling for more than 600 pounds or $1,000. Tracy made two hats when Duchess Conwar married Prince Charles in 2005, and Sarah Jessica Pike’s multiple hats in Lust City, also designed by Trish.

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